Here are several helpful links to webpages that provide additional resources and information for the prevention and treatment of eating disorders.

Website for Body Project participants to post their letters and videos

Body Project Collaborative

Information on Body Project facilitator trainings and costs. The Body Project Collaborative was formed by Dr.'s Eric Stice and Carolyn Becker to create new training opportunities for people interested in facilitating the Body Project.

Buying the previous Facilitator’s Guide and Workbook

The Succeed Foundation

A charity with the goal of ridding the world of eating disorders by supporting evidence-based eating disorder prevention programs.

Buying the Facilitator’s Guide

Italian translation

American Psychological Association

T: (202).336.5510

Obesity Prevention Interventions - Facilitator Support Site

2 obesity prevention interventions: Healthy Weight and Project Health; this site provides all the materials and information needed to create and conduct an effective obesity prevention intervention

Association for Behavior and Cognitive Therapy (ABCT)

T: (212).647.1890

American Psychiatric Association

T: (703).907.7300

National Eating Disorders Association

T: (206).382.3587

National Association of Anorexia and Associated Disorders

T: (847).831.3438

The Academy for Eating Disorders

T: (847).498.4274

NIMH Mental Health Services Locator

T: (703).684.7722

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